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Sitting for Success

August 22, 2013

A kind of epic post on avoiding shoulder injuries created by sitting and typing.  I’m not going to lie, pharm the first video kind of annoyed me – it’s overly wordy and doesn’t explain much of anything until the end.  She doesn’t really describe how people sit, at least any people I’ve seen sit.  And I’ve seen a lot of people sit.  I have injured my pec minor, and the internal rotation of the shoulder stuff is interesting.

Weightsandbars.com.  Freddy C posted this link on his website and I’m always on the lookout for gear.  We’ve been going to Diablo Fitness Engineering, but hey, I’m a capitalist.  I know a bunch of you are building home gyms – this way you don’t have to pay shipping prices – just drive out to San Jo and pick up your gear.


Workout of the Day



12 sets of 2, 45 seconds rest between set

Add 10-20# from last weeks lift


3 Rounds, not for time

10 Box Jump and Over

Sled Push

10 Box Jump and Over

Move quickly from Box Jumps to the Sled Push and back to the box jumps.  Rest after each set, roughly 2 minutes.

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