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Schedule for the Holiday Weekend (and an apology)

September 01, 2016

Brian wrote a beautiful post on the recap of the Rowing WOD at the competition… Alison MISTAKENLY deleted it. She in whole heartedly sorry and will do as many burpees(at a later date) as you request as a punishment.

Regular classes on Saturday

Closed on Sunday

9am Only on Monday – it will be a longer one and rumors of a partner WOD. You won’t need to bring a buddy, page we can find you one:)



Workout of the Day


5 Set of Clean & Jerk Complex

Pause Clean – Hang Clean – Push Press- Push Jerk – Split Jerk

Approximately 70% or heavier than last week

For your final set – if there is a weight  you have been wanting to hit go for it!



20 Double Unders

1 Clean  (STARTING at 135/95)

After each round, viagra guys INCREASE by 10# ladies INCREASE by 5#. If you miss a lift, guys DECREASE by 20# ladies DECREASE by 10#.

DU Sub is 20 Singles


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