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April 03, 2017
* Get ready for some lovin’ words from Coach Sarah. We love hearing outside of the gym wins but don’t always get to see them first hand. How has CrossFit helped your life? Everyday or extracurricular activities.  TELL US ABOUT IT!
My first Johnny Boy

My hubby John has always kept Crossfit to what it was supposed to  be: functional fitness. This weekend was nothing different, more about he was in one of the hardest enduros of district 36 (ride from point A to point B no matter the obstacles you encounter, difficulty level,  incline or decline).  During one of the “special test sections” John dropped into a river. The options of getting out were limited and were needed to be calculated in a matter of seconds. He found a 3 foot wall that would launch him and the bike out… knowing that he is one that is “ready for anything”, he did just that.  His bike once launched out of the water then allowed him the time to run up, grab the 230 lb. bike by the tire, pull it on up, and ride off… now we don’t know his exact “place” in the race yet- but I can tell ya, my man is not phased, enjoying our last night of camping, and ready for anything. Thanks Crossfit Oakdale!

Workout of the Day


Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 50/35

Wall Ball Shot 20/14

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