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Safety Sue Says…

May 16, 2013

We had a coaches meeting on Saturday and discussed hygiene and safety issues.  I want to be up front that we are not calling anyone out, pharm we just want to create a culture of cleanliness and safety for you guys.  The bottom line is, visit this site we are in a warehouse, nurse which is tough to keep clean.  In case you’ve looked around, we’re not overly concerned about some dust or chalk.  Infection IS a major concern.

Post WOD, please wipe down all equipment with the lysol wipes.  Barbells, abmats, med balls, the pull-up rig, kettle bells, jump boxes.  If you leave a big sweat angel or sweat pile on the floor, please give it a wipe down.  If you take a barbell outside, wipe down the plates, as asphalt gets tacked on the plates. There are spray bottles around the gym with sanitizer for items that have more than sweat on them.

As it heats up, you will sweat more.  This may cause the bar or kettle bell to slip in your grip, causing you to squeeze tighter.  This is when hand tears may happen.  In my opinion, there are two types of hand tears, superficial and deep.  Superficial tears will take some skin, but do not result in a bloody hand.  Deep tears usually result in a blood blister or an actual tear where blood appears.  If I see blood on my hands, I stop.  Unless it’s the Open or Regionals.  Then you just go HAM.

Jumping on boxes or pulling barbells close to your body can result in banged up shins.  As many of you have experienced, this can be an emotional, and even bloody, event.

If you are bleeding, we ask that you stop exercising, clean and cover your wound.  It’s just not worth the risk to you, even though it may seem tough to push through.

If you experience a cut or tear, clean it with soap and warm water immediately.  We keep 2 types of spray in the first aid bin in the blue cubbies: hydrogen peroxide and a first aid spray.  After washing, spray your wound and cover it with a band aid, a bandage and vet wrap.

Just because you have a cut or a tear doesn’t mean you have to stop training.  But please, cover it up.  Bandages, tape or vet wrap work great.  This is for your safety as much as anyone else’s.  If you leave a wound exposed, your run the risk of sweat, dirt or who knows what dripping into it.

We will not let you work out with an open wound.  You must cover any cuts or abrasions before starting to workout.  We will provide a supply of first aid and tape, but as you know, this stuff goes quick.  If you have a bashed in shin or torn hand and you plan to workout, please bring your own protection.  This even goes for a healing wound.  If you have a banged up shin, even long socks will keep you safe.

I highly recommend washing your hands with soap and water post WOD.  This will keep you clean and will take the chalk off, which can leave your hands sensitive and tender.



Workout of the Day



Build to a heavy single in 15 minutes


Back Squat


Take 20 minutes to do 3 heavy sets of 3 across.


Overhead Walk Parking Lot 3x

With a KB or DB in 1 hand in the over head position, walk the entire parking lot.  Change hand every time you hit a parking divided/fire space.


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