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Results from the Haiti Decathalon

January 31, 2016

CrossFit Oakdale had 4 of our coaches throwing down at the 6th Annual Haiti Decathalon.  The Decathalon was the brainchild of Ericlee Gilmore, patient a friend of CFO that died from Cancer a little more than a year ago.  Anthony DeJager from CrossFit Merced picked up the torch and has held the Decathalon the last couple of years.

The scoring was a little bit different than when I did it 6 years ago – instead of being total reps, store athletes were scored on placing for each movement, much like the CrossFit Games Open.  With over 30 athletes in each category, if you threw up a bad score in one event, you could get buried.  Because of this, there was no “gaming” any one station – or else you would take last place and not be able to recover the points.

CFO did great!  Alison won the Deadlift portion and was a rock star on the Clean and Jerks, taking 6th there. She came in 14th overall.  Chris had strong showing on the tire flip (7th), Pull Up (8th) and Doubleunders (6th), bringing him in 10th place.  Sarah won the Push Up event and took second on the Pull Up and Burpee events, taking 5th place overall.  I took second on the Clean and Jerk portion and first one the Pull Up event, leading to a second place over all.

It was a great, well run, well judged event.  They ran perfectly on time (to the minute) and we were out of there and eating at 10 East by 1pm.


Workout of the Day


Push Complex

3 Push Press, 3 Push Jerk

Build to a heavy set of this complex in 20 minutes.  If you did this last week, and it feels good,  add weight.



3 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

3 Hand Release Push Ups

Every round go up by 3.  So 6, then 9, then 12, etc.  Between each movement, carry the KB to the work area (it will be about 30 feet).

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