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June 18, 2012

Alison and I are back east, clinic and we have visited 2 CrossFit gyms: CrossFit401 and Ocean State CrossFit.  We’ve done 2 longish WODs, and it’s been fun visiting other gyms.  The last time were were here, there was only 1 CrossFit Gym in Rhode Island; 2 years later there are 6.

2 quick stories.  First off, let me say I try to be a good guest: I abide by the rules, keep my mouth shut and try to set a good example.  But dammit, the coach comes out sometimes.  At CF401, I was watching a female athlete row a long piece.  Towards the end, she was grinding, but her movement had really broken down.  She was swinging her head like a bobble head, trying to generate more force.  I walked up next to her, and warned her I had some cues.  She listened nicely, but I think she thought I was crazy.

At Ocean State CrossFit, we did a WOD that I can only describe as a quadruple couplet (4 consecutive couplets) with a 30 minute cap.  Alison and I plowed through, yelling encouragement at each other the whole way, slapping hands as we passed through stations.  When I finished, I coached Alison through her final couplet of Burpee Over Box Jumps/KBS.  Alison grinded smoothly as I cheered her on.

The coach at Ocean State informed the class the idea behind the workout was to keep us moving for 30 minutes.  I finished the heap of work in 22 minutes, and Al came within a handful of reps of finishing.  The coach told us he had no intention of anyone finishing the WOD, but he didn’t know some animals were going to show up.  Reppin’ CFO Baby!

Great job by Conney and Melissa who also represented CFO at the REcon Run this weekend. Hope you got down and dirty!

Workout Of the Day

Max Effort Monday


Build to a heavy single.  Take your time.  No more than 3 misses at a weight.


Run TL Davis Loop

As many Plate Burpees in remaining time, 45/25

Plate Burpees are: Burpees with a 45/25# plate.  Touch your chest to the plate, grab the plate and jump it directly over head, kinda like a Snatch.  DO NOT DROP THE PLATE FROM OVERHEAD!

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