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May 29, 2018

Wednesday’s workout is a riff on Regional workout #5.   I spent a good portion of my Saturday and Sunday watching workouts. I’ve participated in 5 Regionals, and Sunday’s first workout, Workout 5, was the worst I’ve ever seen.  The lead in from the gymnastic portion and the bike only seasoned the meat for 50 weighted box step up and over into a weighted overhead walking lunge.  The step ups leveled so many strong athletes that only about 10% of athletes have actually finished the workout.  I expect that number to rise as athletes school themselves on how to perform the very sloggy weight box step up and over.

You may be asking, Brian, if this is so brutal, why aren’t we doing it?  Well folks, we have nice wood boxes, and when we put heavy weights in both hands, there is nothing to protect you pretty faces when you tip over from exhaustion and plant you grill. None of the coaches want your parents calling us, or sending the bills from your teenage orthodonture….

PS send us your pictures of the goings on at CFO this week and if we post them on the nightly blog you get a free RX bar or Kill Cliff on us! Text Alison at 209-345-4380 – Don’t forget to include your name.

On vacation but his mind still bleeds CrossFit.

Workout of the Day

50 Toes to Bar

50 Handstand Pushups

50 Calories on the Rower

50′ Left Hand Overhead Walking Lunge 50/35

50′ Right Hand Overhead Walking Lunge 50/35


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