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Push it real good…

August 18, 2015

So, tadalafil we are Shoulder Pressing in the strength portion.  The reps are relatively light, visit but there are a lot of them.  For the set of 10, I recommend starting at 50% of body weight.  Ladies may be a little lighter than this.  I would guess for week 1, we will have a lot of men pressing 95-115 and a lot of ladies pressing 55-65.

Keep the rest short on these sets, at 90 seconds at the most.  The most fun way to accomplish this is by partnering up and using a you go/I go method.

Finally, if you are deep in a set and you begin to fail, finish that set by push pressing.  If you are push pressing more than 2 reps, you should probably lower the weight.


Workout of the Day

Strength/Skill, Week 1 of 4

Shoulder Press

3 sets of 10



20 Alternating DB Snatch 45/35 (Left hand is 1, Right hand is 2…etc)

35 Doubleunders

15 minute cap

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