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Pre-competition Nutrition

September 25, 2012

We’ve had some questions about pre-competition and competition day nutrition.  My first piece of advice is – Prepare.  You don’t want to be scrambling around for food from vendors as your post WOD meal.  Shop before the event with a list.  Pack in advance.  What you eat is important, pilule but the fact THAT you eat is more important.  Nerves may get in the way, capsule so your stomach will need to be able to handle what you’re putting down your neck.


Pre Game


In the 2-3 days before the event, medications I think about loading on carbs.  I eat clean protein sources, lots of red meat and fatty chicken (legs and thighs baby).  Now I do not shy away from potatoes or rice (only gluten free Japanese sticky rice for me).  I normally don’t eat these type of carbs during the week, and save them to fuel performance.  I avoid pork or salted cured meats.  That means no salami or sausage.  These are foods that I eat during a normal week to make me feel full and sated, but I feel like the toxins can get in the way of optimal performance.


As my night before meal, I have been eating burritos with double meat (carne asada) and no beans or dairy.  It’s basically salsa, guacamole, rice and meat.


I’m not sure there a better pre-race meal than the burrito bowl with double meat, rice and guac from Chipotle.  But that’s all the way by the mall, so I’ve missed it recently.

Game Day


Game day nutrition is very individualized.  It will depend on what you can chew and stomach.  I have carried turkey lunch meat as my main protein source to a comp, and when I put it in my mouth, I couldn’t swallow the stuff.  You all need to find what works for you.  It’s simple to test this stuff during your training: try pre-game nutrition as your snacks or as your meal.  If you don’t eat near the time you train, you may want to test your feeding window.  See how close to go time you can eat without affecting nausea or performance.  Sorry, but by the this week, it’s a little late to test.


On game day, I pursue carbs more than any other day during my training.  You workout harder, warmup more, and likely repeat this process 2 or 3 times.  During my normal training, I focus more on fat and protein to fuel my WODs, but when I hit multiple WODs, it forces me to consume more carbs.


My “go to” carbs are bananas, a sweet potato mash with honey and almonds, strawberries and Lara Bars (these are like candy).  Sometimes the base of the banana or the acid of the strawberry causes me to not want to eat it.  That’s why I normally bring both.  I like my banana a little brown, and I quarter the strawberries, and this generates a nice juice.  Normally, I love apples, but I can’t eat em on game day – too much chewing and it gets acidic.  You may find they’re great.


I will check how many WODs are expected, and I will bring a coconut water and enough protein powder to make a shake for each WOD.  I will take a shake immediately after the WOD – I normally prepare it before the workout, so I can drink it immediately upon finishing.  After I settle down a bit, usually 20 minutes, I begin eating real food.


Before a comp, I do a grocery trip and pick out my protein for the day (chicken thighs are good, I avoid overly seasoned or spicy meat), the carbs I discussed, and a nut butter.  I like to throw some Lara Bars in there too.


Bring lots of water, and be prepared to use the bathroom a lot.


Beware of bars of any type.  I like Lara Bars, but that’s it.  Everything else turns to chalk in my mouth.


I always bring too much, and it’s fun to trade food with other athletes.  It’s kind of like a day camping out, sharing food and stories.  This may be the best part of the experience.


Tough Mudder


The Tough Mudder is long, in the 3-5 hour duration.  Last time I did it, I became extremely hungry at the 3/4 point.  There was water on the course, but this year I will be carrying bars to eat on the go.


I’ll have more on pre-comp/race strategies tomorrow.

Mobility will be key this weekend 

Workout of the Day



8 Deadlift 225/155

8 Toes 2 Bar

8 Bar Facing Burpees

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