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Post Valentine’s Split

February 14, 2019

Alison was completing the CrossFit Games online judges course

It is only $10 to do and is an excellent way to review the movements we do on a regular basis.

 And the standards we adhere too.  No one likes to stare down their judge when they get no repped. 

Learn the movements, do them correctly and it will be smooth sailing. (Alison just got no repped on a sentence:))FYI

You will even find that they take movements that we “thought” we have mastered and add nuances, or wrinkles, to make the movement seem new, more interesting and even more challenging.

For example, Alison had to do the split clean. I can count on 2 fingers the amount of times I have programmed the split clean in a workout in the past 7 years.

Today is number 3.

Sign Up for the Open

Yup. They signed up. Where is your name?

Workout of the Day


Back Squats

4 x 8+ at 60%



Alternating Foot Split Clean (from the ground) 135/95

Box Jump 24/20

3…6…9…12…upladder by 3’s

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