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Positioning, folks

June 07, 2013

Virtuosity and Durability.  Great insight on the evolution of high level CrossFit competition from Michael Winchester.  His insight on good movement and positioning is ESSENTIAL.  In past years at Regionals, this web you saw top guys and gals get away with poor movement and mechanics because they were tough, erectile  athletic and/or strong.  THAT IS NO LONGER THE CASE.  Poor movement and positioning will get crushed by the crucible of what CrossFit testing has become.  This is true in the Open, viagra order at Regionals and at the Games.  This is huge carryover to regular life here – but it’s Jedi level thinking.  Life is about positioning – are you in a perfect position to accept all challenges at all times?  Doesn’t a good politician try to keep him/herself in front of all challenges/arguments at all times?  Doesn’t a good cop want to position himself against all threats at all times? This is making my head hurt…

FuBarbell on shoes.  This article is about shoes, but i love the line “once you gear up, you rarely gear down.”  Wrist wraps, belts, knee sleeves/wraps, thumb wraps and taping hands/wrists are all tools to protect the lifter, but can become a psychological crutch.  I dumped wrist wraps 3 or 4 months ago after wearing them for years.  But I feel knee sleeves have become my new thing – why the hell do I put them on for a pull up WOD?  I don’t know – but I do.  But I know I shouldn’t.

I would prefer to train with as little gear as possible, only using the tools of the trade when the loads get really heavy.  If you choose to wear gear, you will need to learn how to use it.  For example: how tight should you set your belt or your wrist wraps?  I’ve almost removed thumbnails by taping my thumbs too tight and pulling hard in a hook grip on the barbell.

Once you’ve learned how to use gear, you will need to learn when to use gear.  This is very personal to the lifter, but I will always skew towards a less is more approach.  Except with weightlifting shoes.  If you got em, wear them.  The only movements/WODs I do not recommend weightlifting shoes for are: any running or any box jumps.  That’s about it.  I would really recommend getting comfortable doing doubleunders in weightlifting shoes, once you’ve become comfortable with the movement.  


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