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Planning your Snatch. That's right.

June 11, 2014

Today’s WOD is a little different.  It comes from CrossFit.com.  After 2 fast, and light triplets, we are doing a heavy, technical, single modality WOD.  Normally, we would do a strength session, but the WOD is challenging enough that tackling it alone will be an excellent test of fitness – strength, technique and more will be tested.

Obviously, scaling will be needed.  Here is my recommendation.  Take 10-12 minutes to warm up to a heavy Snatch, basically a strength/technique warm up.  If you are going RX, I recommend going slightly above for 3 reps (like 175/110 or 185/115) then dropping down to RX to start the WOD.

If you are not working at RX weight, I recommend working up to a heavy weight, then dropping 10-15% for the WOD.

If the first round (the set of 21) takes longer than 5 minutes, you’ve gone too heavy.

The weight should be heavy enough that touch and going your reps becomes a bad idea quickly.  This will likely be 45 singles, with quick breaks.  Lift, drop, deep breath, reset, lift, drop, deep breath, etc.

The goal for this is to move the weight quickly and efficiently with as little break down in technique as possible.  Will that be hard to do?  Hell yes.  It’s CrossFit.

Shoulder to Overhead at 5:30am!

Shoulder to Overhead at 5:30am!

Workout of the Day

21 Snatch 155/100

Rest 3 minutes

15 Snatch

Rest 3

9 Snatch


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