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Plan for the 5Rep Back Squat

July 09, 2013

Tuesday we will be testing the 5 rep max of the Back Squat.  We have done a heavy build of the 5 rep back squat across for 6 weeks, treat you should feel “comfortable” with how this feels and how to warm up for it.  Now is your chance to go for it.  Personally, buy I’m going for 315# as I got 305# last week.  In 20 minutes,  I will plan my warm up sets like this:  135 x 5, maybe a set of 165 x 5 if I’m feeling creeky, 185 x 5, 225 x 5, then I will go to sets of 3s, (245 x 3 if I don’t do the set at 165), 275 x 3.  I may jump to 315 for 5, I may try a set of 3 at 295 before attempting 315, but in total I’m doing about 30 reps, half of which I would consider pretty heavy.

Everyone is different, but the bottom line is you should have a target weight and a plan how to get there.  20 minutes is not a ton of time, so plan accordingly and use your time wisely.  Finally, don’t be a warm up hero.  Your goal is your best set of 5 for the day.  A bunch of light reps or over doing heavy sets may not be your best plan for that.


I would like to do this chipper/AMRAP 20 (it’s called Open Test in the link) on Saturday at 10am.  Lots of advanced movements, so there won’t be time to coach it.  If you want to do this WOD at 10am, please post to FB.  If needed, we can do this in waves.  I’m doing the math, 1 round is possible, but will be tough.  Who can do 1 round? 


Get ready to back squat!

Get ready to back squat!

Workout of the Day



Back Squat

Build to a heavy set of 5 in 20 minutes.



4 rounds, for reps

1 minute of Muscleups (sub 1:1 ring dips/banded ring dips/matador dips/box dips)

1 minute of Burpee Box Jumps and Over 24/20

Rest 1 minute


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