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Phase 3

May 14, 2017

Tim finished out the week with over 100,000 meters rowing.  That’s a lot!  This week, the challenge is time spent in a plank position.  If you were to be like Timmy this week, that would mean you were in a plank for over 27 hours.  Any takers?

I guess you can do a Game of Thrones marathon in the plank?

This week will begin phase 3 of our strength training.  The lifts will all go up 5% – Deadlift on Monday, Bench on Wednesday and Squat on Friday.









Workout of the Day



5 sets of 3, 85% of 1RM



30 Doubleunders

20 DB 1 arm Push Press 50/35 (10 on each arm)

10 Calories Rowing 

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