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December 20, 2016

The end of the year is upon us and that seems to lead to reflection for most people. It has been quite the year – everyone has their highs and lows, their great moments and the not so great. In reflecting on my year I thought long and hard about the people who have brought joy to my life. CrossFit Oakdale Peeps who hit milestones like the first WOD, first Open, first Whole Life Challenge make me smile. All of you – whether you are there every night no matter how high or low the temperature is AND those who we see even once or twice a year – make me smile. One of my favorite groups of people who make me smile are our Coaches. 

I am not sure if you all know this but they have day jobs. This is their extracurricular and they are really good at it. They are knowledgeable because they partake – ask them what they eat in order to perform as great as they do. Ask them what their favorite movement is, or named WOD – they have one because they do it day in and day out, on top of whatever life throws at them in their jobs. They ALWAYS show up with a smile on their face, prepared to warm you up, cool you down and make you laugh in between.

We couldn’t and wouldn’t be what we are without them. Thank you Chance, Christine, Chris, Denny, Sarah,Thomas, Tricia and our own Yoda Lou. Make sure they get a high five, fist bump, knuckles whatever you are throwing around these days the next time you seen them. They are CrossFit Oakdale. They make you CrossFit Oakdale. 


All Access Class is continuing if you are looking for an early morning butt kicking session:) Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:20am-8:55am.

Workout of the Day


Max Effort Power Clean

Build to a heavy in 20 minutes*

*at the top of each minute, including the start, complete 5 box jumps 24/20.


10 Minutes

Max Effort Rowing for Meters




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