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Open WODs on Fridays, Main Event on Saturdays

February 24, 2015

The CrossFit Open first WOD, stuff 15.1, tadalafil will be announced Thursday night at 5pm.  I have ever intention of programming it as the WOD for both Friday and Saturday.  We will have to play it by ear, because we literally have no idea what will be thrown at us.  Be fit, be hydrated and have fun.

Ideally, you will have you best run at the WOD on Saturday – think of that as game day.  Eat a breakfast of champions (which is probably something light) grab your favorite T shirt and your lucky socks and hit 15.1 with us on Saturday.  We will have heats from 9am onto completion.

If you plan doing the Open WOD on Friday, great! If you plan on doing it on Saturday, but you want to work out on Friday, I will provide an alternate prepatory WOD for you.  Something like 5 Rounds, 500m Row, 400m run.  You can do this like a WOD, or even better, do each round with equal rest.

Please be prepared to judge and be judged.  We will hold to the standards ruthlessly, so be prepared if your squat is not below parallel, you may hear no rep.  That’s ok, just keep battling and make the next one better.

Final thought – for tonight anyway.  If the WOD has rowing, we may have to go in waves as we only have 3 rowers.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone, but please be prepared to be flexible.

An absolutely great video on the CrossFit Games experience.  It’s worth the time to watch Camille push a sled in the woods an basically lose and regain her will and will.

Workout of the Day


Deadlift, 1.1.1, Week 8 of 8

Go as heavy a possible, with the best set up and back position possible.  Focus on pulling quickly through the floor by driving your heels and squeezing your butt.



6 Deadlift 185/135

6 Bar Facing Burpee

Rest 4


Deadlift 185/135

Bar Facing Burpee

Rest 3


Deadlift 185/135

Bar Facing Burpee

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