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Open Prep WODs…my bad

December 29, 2015

I failed to post a couple of Open prep WODs that I am planning to use to augment my training in the coming weeks.  These sessions can be done as a warm up or an extra session after the WOD.  WOD 1: Alternating Tabata of Doubleunders and Burpees.  WOD 2:  Every 3 minutes, treat perform 6 calories on the rower, web 6 burpees and 6 calories on the rower.  In the next 3 minutes, do 8s.  In the next, do 10.  Keep going up by 2 until you cannot complete the work in the 3 minute period.  I originally started at 10, and I bonked out during the round of 16.  If 6 is too aggressive, start at 2 or 4.


Workout of the Day


Parking Lot Run

40 Doubleunders

20 Push Press 75/45

Parking Lot Run

40 Doubleunders

20 Pullups

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