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Old School

January 22, 2018

An old school video for an old school style CrossFit workout.  This video was filmed at the old CrossFit HQ in Santa Cruz.  I would guess it was filmed in 2007.  There is no Rogue or Reebok stuff in sight, no weightlifting shoes, no belts, wrist wraps or “liquid chalk.”

I’m not saying CrossFit was better then.  Brian Contosh, who performed the workout, didn’t move too efficiently, but he worked very hard.  We have all developed as athletes and coaches, and our understanding of so many aspects of fitness have expanded.  Tosh, as he is known, performed the workout in 2:04, and there are top athletes that can do the 30 reps in less than a minute.

The community, energy and respect for the effort was front and center in the video.  If there is any lesson I take from this is: work hard, support the hard work of others and high five a lot.

Tosh was an active duty Marine at the time, and he married CrossFit OG Nicole Carroll.  Nicole was the “star” of the first CrossFit video “Nasty Girls.”  You can see Dave Castro keeping time.  The voice behind the camera is Tony Budding.  Budding was absolutely essential in developing the CrossFit Games as they are from a grass roots, back yard competition to a world wide event.

Workout of the Day


Push Press

Power Clean


As a warm up, spend 12 minutes building to a heavy single.  Once you get to a heavy, but quick lift, drop some weight, lift quick, drop again, lift quick, drop, and finally, lift.  Rest 3 minutes and start.  For example: I would build to 205-225 in 10 minutes.  Then do a quick lift at 185, 165, 155, and set the bar for 135 and get ready to work.

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