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No Afternoon Classes on Friday 9/27/2013

September 27, 2013

***************CrossFit Oakdale will be closed on Friday afternoon/evening********************

Couple of observations.

Alison and I are not sure what happened, information pills but the blog screen changed to all blue.  We didn’t set this, and we don’t know how to change it back.  CrossFit History – the original CrossFit.com screen was blue (like ours is now) and was referred to lovingly as “the blue screen of death.”  If someone, or all of you, began referring to the blog as “blue blue screen of death” it would warm the cockles of my heart.

We’re less than 2 weeks into the Lurong Paleo Challenge, and we’re seeing interesting stuff.  Paul G told me he was down 9 pounds last night.  If you’ve ever been around Paul, you may be wondering where he was hiding these 9 pounds, but there it is.  Minutes later, he proceeded to crush the Hang Clean/Sprint Couplet in 2:50.  Minutes later, Paul PR’ed his Hang Power Clean at 255#, and it looked like he had more in the tank.  We are all still adjusting our energy levels, some days you feel great, some days sluggish, but it’s fun when you see an athlete start to hit their stride.

Check out the video below – 5:30pm class did it with PVC…who is in for the full weighted version?

Workout of the Day


Make up of Hang Clean/Sprint Couplet

If you have already done this WOD, but need to get in a WOD, please come in.  I’ll have something for you.


Partner WOD

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