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More on Brushing

October 07, 2015

So, visit this I’m a CrossFit guy.  I’ve been doing for years, treat and I’ve probably forgotten more fitness related stuff that I’ve tried than I could shake a stick at.  I try nearly everything, viagra sale some stuff sticks, some doesn’t.  Whether it’s squat cycles, Paleo, Mobility with bands, or whatever, I’ve probably tried and, and at the very least know someone that swears by it.

Nicole posted a brushing related article, but it’s not the kind I would have thought of: dry brushing.

Basically, you brush your body in the shower before you get wet.  It gotta admit, it sounds intriguing.  It reminds me of the concepts in “oil pulling” in which you swish coconut oil for 10-20 minutes to leech toxins through your mouth.  What I do like, the article recommends following up dry brushing by taking a “contrast shower” – switching between hot and cold water.  I like contrast showers so much, every shower I have taken for the last 3 years has been a contrast shower.

So, with 7-8 hours sleep, meditation, a hearty breakfast of 5-6 eggs, 20 minutes of oil pulling, dry brushing, a contrast shower, and hour of mobility, you should be ready to workout by 11, or 11:30 everyday!  Follow that up with some stretching and a nutritious lunch.  And you’ll roll into the office ready to work by the crack of 2:30pm.


Workout of the Day



10 Pullups

15 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

20 Box Jumps 24/20

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