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“More is better. More Wins.”

July 16, 2013

Plank Challenge: 2 minutes.  Wednesday is a plank rest, but get ready for Thursday, stomach when we jump to 2.5 minutes.  I’m enjoying this, and I can’t believe I made it this far.

A System for Developing Competitive CrossFitters Part 3 by Jacob Tsypkin.  Quote of the day, maybe the year, “less is not more.  More is more.  More is better.  More wins.”  I absolutely hate the term “overtrained.”  It’s second on my list of hateful sayings in the sport of fitness (the first is “listen to your body.” PUKE!  If your body is like mine, it’s a coward and is lazy.  Your body ALWAYS wants to quit, to rest, to put your hands on your knees, to stop.)  If you are looking to be fitter than you were yesterday, or gasp, fitter than the person to your left or right, the only way to get better is to outwork that version of you or that person.  We aren’t playing tiddlywinks.  Yes, you need to be smart – injuries are a huge set back and must be avoided at all costs.  But that is what diligent recovery is for – sleep, hydration, nutrition, recovery work and more.

In my opinion, this is Jacob’s best work – it’s not quite scientific, it’s reality based.  


It’s a little old, but AJ and Jen had CFO top Hope scores.  Great job guys!

Workout of the Day


Split Jerk

Build to a heavy single in 20 minutes.

After each attempt, perform 1 good, powerful body pull.  A pull-up attempt, a pull-up, a chest to bar pull-up, weighted pull-up, pull-up to belly, a bar muscle up, a ring muscle up are all excellent options.



Handstand Pushup

Abmat Situp

Pullup (Chest to Bar for advanced)

20 minute Cap

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