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Mobility clinic next Wednesday

May 01, 2012

We’ve had some CFO athletes seek out Bowen Therapy in Modesto.  I have an appointment this week, troche and I’m excited to try someone close.  It looks like Freddy C. ended up with Judy Terwilliger and the folks at Flexibility Fit in Sacramento.

It’s important to take recovery seriously.  I know I say this, pilule but I also know that my inattention to certain areas is what led me to injury.  As we strengthen our bodies, abortion we will likely develop imbalances around pre-existing conditions.  Without proper maintenance, we’re just asking for trouble.

I’ll be holding a mobility clinic on Wednesday night  at 7:30 after classes.  We’ll review the roller, stretching, balls, bands and more.  It’ll last about an hour.

Melissa hit a max of 75 for 3 reps on the weighted pushup!

Workout of the Day


Pullup Improvement

Work on bands, kipping, dead hang, chest to bar, weighted.  Be creative.



Run to fence and back

10 Pullups

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