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Milo Tester

September 17, 2014

A couple of thoughts:

This test comes from those crazy Canucks from James FitzGerald and OPT.  James was the first CrossFit Games champ and he has forgot more about exercise than most of us will ever know.

Are Full, treat or Squat Cleans ok?  No.  This is a test of the Power Clean.  You must pull hard and receive high.

If the weight is in between, link like you are supposed to work with 202.5, recipe round to the lower 5.  In this case, do your Power Cleans at 200.

Remember, it’s your test.  There is no “RX” for this, just you versus your self.  Or maybe, you versus the barbell.  Either way, every rep will be earned and should be celebrated.

Scores should generally be between 15 and 35.  If you can do more than 35, you didn’t really set a 1RM Power Clean.

If you did less than 15 – that’s ok.  You will want to work on power out put over the coming months to expand your fitness.

A pretty good strategy will be a rep every 15 to 20 seconds.  You may even try to just go OTM, Milo style.

For me, it just so works out that the weight I hope to hit is the number I should have added to my Milo.  I did 235 last week, and my Power Clean is 265.  So I should work at about 240.


Workout of the Day

Milo Test

Establish 1RM Power Clean

Once your Power Clean is established, multiply that weight by .9.  This is 90% of your 1RM.  Use this weight to perform:

As Many Power Cleans as Possible in 8 minutes with 90% of 1RM.

Your score is: your 1RM, the 90% weight and the reps completed.  It may look like:

250, 225, 27

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