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Micayla at the Tomato Massacre

October 06, 2014

Micalya competed in the Tomato Massacre in Los Banos, information pills hosted by CrossFit Valley View on Saturday.  Micayla competed in 3 tough WODs: a HSPU/pistol/burpee/DU mash, buy information pills a Run/Snatch, visit this and a Death by Barbell except the barbell was an axel.  Which is harder folks.

I didn’t make it to Los Banos until her third WOD, but her spirits were high, and I saw her really battle through the death by axel bar, taking 5th in the competition.  These WODs are no joke – they all had high skill components

Based on her performance, Micayla earned her way into the finals in her first individual competition.  The finals were NO JOKE: a 200m run, 30 GHD sit-ups, a 115# walking lunge, 30 53# Kettlebell Swings, another walking lunge, 30 more GHD sit-ups, and finishing with 10 squat cleans at 135, all under a 10 minute cap.  Whew.

I gotta be honest, as they were rolling out the GHD, I was thinking about telling Micayla to pull out.  We’ve had a CFO athlete experience rhabdo in their first comp, and I wasn’t looking to have that happen again.  But with a 10 minute cap, and the GHD kept at a relatively lower level, a thought she would be ok.  Micayla was clearly nervous, and the venue was really packed.  At least 200 fans cheered on the women, and I wanted Micayla to have the experience.

I was so proud of her – she smoked the 200m run, the lunge walk, and even the first round of GHD.  We knew that KB was going to be a fight, and boy, it was.  Micayla’s face was a mix between – WTF, man this is heavy, and I never want to pick it up, and oh, screw it.  I always tear up in spots like this, and, well, no exception.  Watching a 19 year old kid battle it out with experienced athletes was well worth the drive.

The best part of the WOD, with time running out, Micayla had seconds to strip her bar and try to get a least 1 rep of a heavy squat clean. She could have EASILY let time expire and leave the bar, but she hoped off the GHD, quickly stripped the bar as seconds were being called off, threw 45s on the bar, and busted out 1 squat clean as time expired.

I got to watch Micayla with her parents, which is always fun.  It was their first CrossFit comp, and I can confidently say Micayla made her mama and papa proud.

I recommend the Tomato Massacre – it’s a small, well run event on the Los Banos Fairgrounds.  It’s held in conjunction with the Tomato Festival, so there is plenty of food and stuff to do.

Finally, it’s a long drive from Oakiedale, but if you were to stop at the Hilamr Cheese Factory and get the Piglet Sandwich – a grilled ham, cheese and bacon with chiptole dressing on a GRILLED PRETZEL BUN you’d be winning.

Workout of the Day

Pause Snatch 

Take 15 minutes to perform a heavy single.  The pause Snatch is performed like in the video: pull from the ground and pause for a 2 count (1 bubble gum, 2 bubble gum) at or just below the knee, then perform a Snatch.  The Pause Snatch will really re-enforce pulling the bar into your body. It is a double in the video, but we will just be doing a single.



7 Snatch 95/65

8 Box Jump and Over 24/24

10 minute cap

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