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Memories of the Bar

June 07, 2017

Hey kids! Remember weightlifting?  It’s an Olympic Sport? Lift a heavy barbell? Put it over your head?  Ringing any bells?

With the Open and the current power lifting cycle, not to mention my recent infatuation with dumbbells, we haven’t spent a ton of dedicated time on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  That will change in the coming weeks and months.

I “borrowed” Thursday’s workout from Doug Chapman at HyperFit USA.  It’s a barbell-centric workout.  Treat this as a complex – without dropping the bar, perform a Deadlift, a Power Clean, a Squat Clean and a Front Squat.  That’s 4 distinct movements.  Originally, it had a Jerk instead of a Power Clean, but with all the pushing in the last couple of days I made an adjustment.

Make every attempt to do this unbroken.  That means the Deadlift should be done with a Clean grip and not dropped.  Hang onto the bar, even of it’s easier not to.  This type of workout develops stamina, positioning and toughness.  If you need to take a and extra couple of seconds to get ready for the complex, do it.

What weight do you use?  It’s up to you.  It should be heavy – I am loosely recommending 185/115.  The target is 20 rounds – 1 a minute.  If you can go faster, do so.  We will do this again.  If you can get 20 rounds, add 10# the next time you do this.  If you get 30 or more, you should jump 20# the next time.

Coach Chris was excited to have Gloria hit Wednesday night’s WOD RX. Great job Glo and Coach!

Workout of the Day


1 Deadlift

1 Power Clean

1 Squat Clean

1 Front Squat

Recommended Weight – 185/115

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