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Max Out Week is Here!!

August 04, 2014

This is Max Out week!  We will establish 1 RM on the major lifts – Squat on Monday, order Deadlift on Wednesday and Press on Friday.  This is the point of emphasis for the week – perform strong.  I don’t want to say the WODs will be easy, because they never are (the workout on Tuesday is awesome), but the focus should be on testing your strength.

Remember, Saturday is a swimming WOD at the High School.

In addition, the Master’s Functional Fitness WODs have been announced.  They are logistically difficult – requiring all types of equipment and time.  If you are  signed up and interested in videoing, you will need to work that out.  I would recommend using Open Gym on Thursday, after the 6:30 class on Friday, and Open Gym on Sunday to perform the WODs.  We will do the Swimming WOD at the pool on Saturday.

Finally, the MFFL requires a max effort lift (which we are doing this week) and a heavy DL WOD.  I would try to do this all together, but I’m still not sure that is ideal.


Workout of the Day


Back Squat

Establish 1 Rep Max


3 Rounds, for reps

In 2 minutes, perform 20 Burpees.  In the remaining time, perform as many Doubleunders as possible.

Rest 1 minute

Perform this cycle 3 times.  Score is total number of Doubleunders

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