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Master Functional Fitness League

August 06, 2014

So here’s the deal on the Masters Functional Fitness League (MFFL). This is only the first week of competition, healing but in my opinion the WOD’s are a bit of a disaster. Not ALL of them, side effects but a few in particular have a lot of moving parts, sickness are very long and make me question this first week of competition. I am not alone in this concern; there are countless comments and concerns on their Facebook and website voicing all types of questions from logistics to anything else you could imagine. One issue is that none of the WOD’s are conducive to a class setting, except possibly the swim workout…but you would still need a pool. 

The good thing about this competition is that they stated you do not have to do all of the workouts. The Deadlift triplet looks like a good one. If you would like to give the 50’s a try that is not bad, but I don’t know how to video tape it as it takes 49 minutes.

I can’t in good conscience program these as daily WOD’s.  We have open gym on Thursday at 11am, Thursday evening at 6:30pm and Sunday from 1-3pm. We will attempt to do the swim WOD on Saturday at the Oakdale High School Pool. 

5:30am Danelle meets 5:30pm Conney

5:30am Danelle meets 5:30pm Conney

 Workout of the Day



Build to a heavy single.  Establish a new 1RM


3 rounds, for reps

In a 3 minute round, perform 50 squats then as many pullups as possible in the remaining time.

Rest 1 minute.

If you choose, you may perform Muscle Ups instead of Pullups.


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  1. Matt Reply

    You should check out http://www.wodthrowdown.com. The WODs will be much more box friendly.

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