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Make A Lift

July 18, 2012




I want to try something a little different today.

The Snatch ladder was the most fun spectator event at the Regionals this year.  Watching the Games this weekend, erectile the Clean ladder was great television.  There’s something about the single, tadalafil solitary attempt, the focus and determination required, that creates anticipation and drama.  I literally got tears in my eyes when Lindsey Valenzuela hit a 235 pound clean, repped out deadlifts, and celebrated like she won the lottery.  FYI – the video I attached doesn’t do the moment justice.

I love when PR lifts become contagious in the gym: weights banging down, athletes cheering each other on, celebrating, screaming, and having fun.

Wednesday’s “metcon” will be a simulation of the Snatch ladder from Regionals.  Some (basic) math will be involved, but the main goal is to put some weight overhead with the Snatch.  You won’t have the pressure of starting on the minute, but when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.  You may want to be conservative, as missed lifts will count as 0.  You may adjust the weight throughout the WOD.  Now, “MAKE A LIFT!”


Louis swings like a monkey.  Or a Ninja Warrior.

Workout of the Day



Warm up, and build to a heavy single.  After Snatching, I recommend using the Snatch Balance to get warmed and ready.


7 Rounds, not for time

20 Doubleunders

1 Snatch

The big clock will be running.  Make your attempt at the top of the minute.  You will have 40 seconds to perform 20 doubleunders, then 1 snatch.  Add your pounds for all 7 attempts, and that is your score.  You may adjust your weight as many times as you like.  As long as you do 20 DU, you may attempt the lift as many times as possible in the 40 seconds.  Missed lifts count as 0.

Rest as needed between attempts.

If you don’t have DU, do 8 attempts.  If you are brand new, do 20 singles.

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