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March 14, 2013

Time for some leader boarding…

CFO is in 56th place after 13.1 (there are 154 teams).  This is a huge improvement over last year, patient where we finished in 96th place in the burpee WOD, page which really hamstrung us.  The way the scoring broke down, health Jen, Janet and Alison turned in the top female scores, getting us points on the board.  Great job ladies!  Janet is on 10th place in her age division in NorCal!  Whoa.  Robin Cadmus is in 13th place in NorCal in here age category – amazing work!  Nick, Chance and I turned in the top male scores with Paul and Louis close behind.

I would not consider 13.1 a WOD that favored us.  Looking at it practically, we are competent lifters, but not great ones…yet.  We don’t have a female heavy hitter when it comes to snatching…yet.  We’ve seen big lifts over the past year (especially the last 6 months).  With constant work, we will continue to improve.

As I write this, 13.2 hasn’t been posted yet, but I believe the WODs that favor us are coming…be Ready For Anything!


Alicia C.

Alicia C.

Workout of the Day


Snatch Deadlift, return to low hang, pause, Low Hang Snatch

Build to a heavy set of this complex in 20 minutes.



800M run


12 pushups

Bear Crawl Out Door

21 Squats

Crab Walk in




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