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Just Breathe

January 11, 2012

Coming off the Nutrition Seminar, view we want to remind you of the importance of fats in our diet.  Don’t be afraid of fat!  Cooking with fats and lipids from CrossFit Invictus.

CrossFit for Skiers.  It hasn’t been a great year for snow, sickness but there’s plenty of ski season ahead.  CrossFit is a great training program for so many sports and activities, but skiing may top them all.  Sitting in an air squat, hamstring engaged, keeping a tight core, with your upper body guiding you as you speed down a mountain?  CrossFit baby!

RMF…or why you can’t breathe during a WOD.  Breathing during a WOD, or even a lift, is very important.  Proper breathing during a lift can set your body and put you in the necessary tension to execute the lift.  How you breathe during a lift is a very individual thing, but it’s also intuitive.  You’ve been breathing your whole life.

When it comes time to pick up something heavy, your body will know, “take a deep breath, and hold it”.  It’s why we don’t teach breathing on lifts to often.  Breathing during a WOD does the same thing, but under lighter loads, “lift breathing” takes a back seat, and survival breathing takes over.  You may hear panting or even wheezing during WODs like Fran.  What I always tell myself, and Athletes, is “Breathe early and often”.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the beginning of WOD trying to go fast. As a coach and an Athlete, I notice athletes (myself included) holding their breathe from the start from sheer focus.

Breathe early and often.  Holding your breathe early in a WOD can send you into a hypoxic state early in the WOD, and the effects of this can snowball over the course of the effort.  I try to tell myself to breathe out at the top of each rep, clearing the bad air.  Think about how you would breath on a kettlebell swing.  A deadlift.  A burpee.  Doubleunders.  Practice this.

Workout of the Day


Deadlift 65% of 1RM

9 Sets of 3 On the minute



7 Deadlift 225/155

5 Burpees

Run to Fence

There is an advanced version of this WOD that is heavier. Advanced Class People may use the alternate weight. It is significantly heavier.

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