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It’s not the 6 minutes…

February 18, 2018

The movie clip is from “Vision Quest.” Chance was asking about this movie, and it’s excellent timing.  The Open is about lifting up humanity through sheer will and human connection.

Monday at 10am will be the drawing of the teams for the CrossFit Oakdale Open. Please text Alison at 209-345-4380 to let her know what category you are in if you are signed up or plan to sign up:

Black – RX – You basically do all workouts RX.  Maybe not Muscleups, but pretty much everything else.  Maybe you are not great at everything, but you are a capable, fit human.

Red – Kind of RX, Kind of Scaled – You can RX many workouts, but some advanced moved like Doubleunders, Chest to Bar Pullups and Handstand Pushups are always in your way.  This year, anyway.

White – Scaled – Generally, you perform all workouts scaled.  For now, at least.

Blue – Masters 55 and above.  We will all be here one day.  Hopefully.

For this week, we have a CrossFit.com workout on Monday, a OTM 30 on Tuesday, Back Squat 5×3 on Wednesday and something with running and rowing on Thursday as we steal our loins for 18.1.

As I said earlier, Monday’s workout is a very recent one from CrossFit.com.  I will do a short Muscle Up lesson at 9am.  If you don’t have Muscle Ups, there will be scaling options.  And you will learn something while getting a great workout – don’t skip Muscle Up day!

Here are my MU scaling progressions:

1) Bar Muscle Ups, 2) Jumping Ring MU, 3) Jumping Bar MU, 4) Ring Transitions Plus Dip, 5) Burpee Pull Ups (its a Push and a Pull).

Speal Bar priority is to folks doing Bar MU.

Workout of the Day


5 Power Snatch 95/65

3 Ring Muscle Ups

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