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In Which We Get to Learn from the “Mistakes” of Others

June 17, 2015

I Make Mistakes So You Don’t Have To from JTS.Great stuff from Jacob Tsypkin on the constantly moving target – becoming more fit.

Workout of the Day


Snatch Balance

4 sets of 2, try 60-65% of 1RM Snatch

Front Squat

5 sets of 3, viagra approved 75-80% of 1RM

Take 10 minute get warmed up on the Snatch Balance.  Once you complete your 4 sets, your legs should be pretty warm.  Transition quickly to the Front Squat, with 3-4 quick warm up sets, and start squatting heavy.


30 Chest to Bar Pullups

30 Burpees to Plate

30 Wallball Shots

7 minute cap

Pacing is cool, but my recommendation is that you try to go unbroken, or in as big of sets as possible.  Treat this as a dead sprint – scale the C2B to regular pull-ups if you have them.  If not, C2B Body or Ring Pulls.

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