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Igniting the fire

January 05, 2012

Are You Ignorant When It Comes to the Deadlift? When Rip speaks, page you listen.


Ignite the Fire by Katie Hogan.  Nice article about mental preparations for competition.  This applies really nicely to 1 Rep Max (1RM) attempts.  Any time your going to move more weight, more about or go faster, than you ever have in your life, you need to get in the right place in your head.  How you do that is up to you, but you need to know how YOU do it.  I hope that makes sense…



Forwards or backwards?

Workout of the Day




Find your 1RM



50 Double Unders

10 Burpees

40 Double Unders

10 Burpees

30 Double Unders

10 Burpees

20 Double Unders

10 Burpees

10 Double Unders

10 Burpees

Double Under Sub is 2 for 1 singles, 1 for 1 backwards

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