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Hump Day? Nope Fran Day!

July 02, 2014

Wednesday’s WOD is the quintessential CrossFit WOD – Fran.  Fran is short, dosage fast and…dare I say fun?  It’s a great push/pull WOD – thrusters are the push, seek pullups are the pull – right when you are getting really tired from pushing, you switch to pulling, and you almost feel refreshed.  Until “something” happens.  It may be in the set of 15, or the set of 9, but all of a sudden, things catch up with you.

The goal tomorrow is to get you prepared for it.  As a general rule in CrossFit, the shorter the WOD, the longer the warm up.  As Fran done well can be sub 3 minutes, you need some time getting ready.

Aerobically, here’s what I recommend, and what you’ll be doing in class to get prepped.

A 4 minute light run to open the lungs and get you breathing.  You can sub a row.

Rest 2 minutes

400m run/500m row fast – you should be breathing heavy.

Once you start squatting, I recommend 5 sets of 3 Thrusters/3 Pullups.

I like to over load the bar to make it feel light – so I do my 5 sets at 115 and 135.  Work on transitioning quickly between thrusters and pullups.

Focus on breathing in all your sets, your lungs get a huge stretch during Fran.  Warm them up before hand.

Finally, if there is time, I do 7 Thrusters, 7 Pullups, 7 Burpees as fast as I possibly can.  I should be breathing really hard.  Now I rest for 5 minutes, drink water and get ready to hit it.

Scale the bar weight to your ability level if needed – the set of 21 should seem possible.  If you can handle 95/65, even if you need to break it once or twice, do the weight.  More than 3 sets and it’s too heavy.

For scaling pullups I would recommend the most challenging sub.  Jumping pullups are ok, but I think banded are a better sub here.  Even though the banded take time to get into.  Body pulls can work too.


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Thruster 95/65


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