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How do YOU play the coffee game?

August 21, 2012

In the words of Andy Stumpf, about it “You don’t drink coffee?!?! And you call yourself a CrossFitter?!”

I drink coffee.  Lots of it.  For the most part, I drink it black, although I like heavy cream from time to time.  I prefer my own coffee to anything store bought (but I like Peets – even in Raley’s – over Starbucks).

I feel like my home coffee game is pretty strong.  For years, I brewed in a coffee pot with a mesh, non-paper filter.  My pot was a metal carafe, as I don’t like the taste of coffee in the glass carafe as it sits on that hot plate.

Alison and I recently had out coffee game upgraded.  I picked up a Chemex Coffee maker, which uses a paper filter and gravity to make an excellent cup of coffee.  You will need a teapot, or a electric kettle, an Chemex maker, and a paper filter.  You place the grounds in the paper filter, pour just boiled water over the grounds until it can’t hold more water, and viola! You have a grewt cup of coffee.  This is very similar to the French Press method, but you don’t get the bitterness (which I kinda like) or the sediment (which I don’t) that you get with the French Press.

Alison likes Iced Coffee, and Adele got Alison a Cafe Toddy iced coffee maker.  You layer grinds and cold, filter water in the basket for 12 hours, and it creates a powerful, concentrated coffee.  You will need to add cold water to this (1:1 water to coffee is what we like).  Again, cold brew is stronger.  We tried this with hot water on our recent rafting trip.  We brought a thermos of concentrated coffee, and added boiling water.  BAM!  Gourmet coffee in the wilderness.

Workout of the Day


50 Doubleunders*

7 Burpees**

*Sub is 20 attempts

**Every round add 7 burpees.  2nd round is 14, 3rd round is 21, etc…

Rest 5

Run TL Davis Loop for time

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