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How do you eat?

CrossFit Journal Article 21 Updated.

For me, order this article, and Zone on the Rocks introduced me to nutrition.  CrossFit recommends the Zone diet, not because they have an agreement with Dr. Sears or because they hate the Paleo diet, but because the Zone diets is generally the most simple, effective way to quantify and measure nutrition.

Are there better ways?  Maybe.  Is there a better way for you?  Maybe.  But what the Zone provides is measurable scale for what and when you eat.

The biggest change I noticed at my recent Level 1 re-cert is how much CrossFit has changed and added to it’s Zone prescriptions.  CrossFit previously did not take into account activity level or muscle mass, leaving many Zone practitioners hungry and depleted – and many of us sought out different nutrition plans.

But it looks like CrossFit has seriously considered the needs of it’s athletes, and are working to design a broad, general and inclusive nutrition plan to go with their broad, general and inclusive fitness program.

If you are interested in either of these diets, we will be having a seminar in the next few weeks on them and on our Challenge coming up soon. Let Alison know you want in. 


Workout of the Day


400m Run

15 Thrusters 95/65

15 Pullups

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