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Heavy Day

November 17, 2016

Genrally, viagra 40mg I try to program something heavy one day a week.  We did lots of reps in the legs this week – squats Monday, web lunges Tuesday and more running than normal on Wednesday.  Thursday was CrossFit, plain and simple.  But it wasn’t heavy.  Friday’s workout should be heavy.  See below.  Scale as appropriate.

We have done this workout a couple of times at 165/110.  Genrally, folks push the 10 rep range and beyond each minute at that weight.  If you’re scaling, I’m not saying that is not possible here, but I’m guessing one Clean every 10 to 15 seconds is more like it.  So if you are doing more than 7 in the first minute, you will need to add weight.

Find a weight that you can perform safely, but it should be a lift that requires a perfect set up and a vicious pull.  Keep your ebows fast and land well.  225/155 Jumping Jacks are highly discouraged.  On the pull, it should feel like you are trying to rip the head off a lion over and over again.


Emma in the Teen Class

Workout of the Day


Pause Snatch

Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy single of this lift. The pause should occur in the vicinity of the knee, just above or just below, after breaking from the ground.


“Lion Tamer”

OTM 20

Even: Power Clean 225/155

Odd: Rest

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