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June 10, 2014

Move Well First…from Jeff Martin at CrossFit Brand X.  Jeff is an absolute CrossFit OG.  He opened his affiliate in 2003(!) and started the CrossFit Kids program with his wife, rx Mikki.

I have experienced similar processes in my fitness over the years.  I miracle a 205# Snatch in 2011, discount when a 200# Snatch for a CrossFitter was rare.  The only problem, I couldn’t match the lift, or even get above 195# for 18 months.  After a year and a half of frustration, I completely revamped my lifting style.  At first, I could barely hit 145#, but slowly and surely, my lifts got better and more importantly, more consistent.

Often times, we don’t allow new lifters to lift below the knee.  We want to train the violent hip extension, so we work new CrossFitters from the Hang position.  You may notice we are doing nearly all our Olympic work from the hang.  For Regionals this year, we did a ton of work from the Hang – on the Snatch and Nasty Girls, V2.  I’m excited to see how all this work will pay off, but I understand I must be patient.  You can’t just start pulling off the ground after 2 months and not expect to have some finer details to get worked out.  But with this slow, steady approach, the PRs will keep coming. 


Meeting up with Jeff  Martin at the Fitness Expo in 2013


Workout of the Day

For time

150 Doubleunders

100 Shoulder to Overhead 75/45

50 Pullups


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