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Good Morning!

September 17, 2013

I will post a re-cap of the Caffeine and Kilos competition tomorrow night.

CrossFit Oakdale will begin adding a new movement into our strength program: the Good Morning.

We use the GM all the time in our warm ups and it is an excellent strength accessory movement for the lower back, information pills gluteus and hamstrings.  I would like to tack on Good Morning at the end of squat days, but starting out, we’ll focus on the movement – how to load, do it correctly with weight and what to expect from it.

First and foremost – you do not need to load the GM too much.  Catalyst Athletics loads to 20% of you back squat – if you squat 300#, your heavy working weight of the GM is 60#.  Keep it light, and keep your back tight.  Men work with the 45# bar, ladies work with the 15# training bar or the women’s 33# bar and you’re probably doing fine.

The tempo is similar to the deadlift or the squat – lower slow and under control and explode up.  You do not need to lock you knees, I prefer to keep my knees “soft” with a slight bend.  Take your torso to just above parallel with your head in a neutral position.

I have had some…memorable experiences after lots of GMs.  Your hamstring may become very sore – that’s ok.  Please post to FB if you are experiencing soreness, I will be asking about it as well.  I just want to gauge where we are.

After 3 weeks of working GM into our strength and we develop some familiarity, I will put them after squatting.

Banded good mornings.  I’ve seen Louis doing this.  Pretty cool.

Workout of the Day


Good Mornings




400m run

50 doubleunders

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