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Getting personal

December 30, 2011

Two great posts from Freddy C of CrossFit One World in Union City, sildenafil CA.

SLAP tears.  I had not heard the term SLAP tears before, but I think I’ve heard the symptoms.  The shoulder joint is an incredible thing, and we demand a lot from it in sport.  I’m going to research this more.  In my first year of CrossFit, my shoulders hurt terribly, with pain radiating to my fingertips.  I don’t think it was a tear(s), but likely accumulated scar tissue and tightness from lots of pushups and bench pressing.  It required a ton of work on the rack position and overhead positions to get me where I am now: pain free in the shoulders.

One Worldwide.  Read down below to the section on equipment care.  We don’t have Jerk Boxes (one day…), but it is important to understand how the equipment is used, and to take proper care of the equipment.

Personal responsibility.  It’s a common theme on his blog.  I like how Freddy shows that the Athlete is responsible for their strength, wellness, safety and the safety of others.  He doesn’t beat you over the head with it, but he constantly reminds his Athletes that health and fitness, and in turn a good, safe gym, starts with the Athlete.

Kelly Starett gets into the shoulder joint.  If you have shoulder pain in the dipping position (DON!) or want to develop a muscle up, developing shoulder mobility is JOB 1!

Workout of the Day


8 Bar Facing Burpees

8 Deadlift 225/155

8 Toes to Bar

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