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Get Ready for the PRESS

February 05, 2014

We had a TON of PRs on the Deadlift on Monday.  Let’s keep the PR train rolling on the Shoulder Press on Wednesday.

The Press can be tough if you waste reps.  As you may have found Pressing during the Cube, sickness the later reps could get really tough, cheap as your triceps and other small muscles fatigue.  Use 3s and 2s early.  Don’t waste your strength with useless reps, viagra but make sure you are warm and ready – this is a balancing act.  Have a plan, and use singles once the weight gets heavy, probably around 60-70%.

Once you get close to your goal weight, take plenty of rest between sets – use the clock to measure this.  I would recommend at least 2 minutes between attempts as the weight gets heavy.  Focus on speed through all upward movement.


Workout of the Day


Shoulder Press

Build for 1RM



5 Wall Climbs

50 Doubleunders

4 Wall Climbs

40 Doubleunders

3 Wall Climbs

30 Doubleunders

2 Wall Climbs

20 Doubleunders

1 Wall Climb

10 Doubleunders

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