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Future Plans

May 31, 2012

I want to clarify a few things on last night’s post.  Although the Olympic lifts will be a major point of emphasis, abortion we are not going to become a weightlifting gym.  I love the O lifts because they provide the best bang for the weightlifting buck.  But, information pills there is no substitute for CrossFit ass-kickery.  In my book, there is nothing better than a short, sweet couplet or triplet which pushes your limits, but not so much that you have to stop.  THAT is the center piece of our training.  Virtuoso performance of the Olympic lifts will help us toward that goal.


And better or worse, if you are interested in CrossFit as a sport, you better get good at the Olympic lifts.  Like really freaking good.  In 7 of 11 workouts (the Open and Regionals), Olympic lifts, or components thereof, were tested.  In cases like the 2 Snatch ladders, Row/Pistol/Hang Clean, if you weren’t extremely competent with the O lifts, and heavy, you got left in the dust.  I’m speaking from experience here.


All that being said, gymnastics are a major component of our Plan as well.  Gymnastic will be worked into the plan in 4 week waves, and will stick to broader concepts.  4 week waves of Being Upsidedown, Hanging and Pulling and Ring Competence and Confidence will be worked into the program.


I am seriously contemplating posting a Workout of the Week, announced on Wednesday, to be performed on Saturday at 10am.  Any thoughts on this?  This session will always be proceeded by O lift work, but will allow for strategy and breakdown of movements to maximize performance.  Call it the Sport of Fitness, competitive exercising or gaming the WOD, but anything worth doing is worth doing well.  Let’s get really good at it.


Workout of the Day


8 Handstand Pushups

8 Pistols, alternating

8 Burpee Over Box 20/16

12 Handstand Pushups

12 Pistols, alternating

12 Burpee Over Box 20/16

16 Handstand Pushups

16 Pistols, alternating

16 Burpee Over Box 20/16

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    I like the ” WOW” idea with it being done on Sat. 🙂

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