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Foam Rolling 101, 7:30pm

February 04, 2014

Remember to register for the CrossFit Games Open!  If you’re interested in judging, cure to just learning about good movement, no rx check out the CrossFit Online Judges Course.  Yes, it’s $10, but it’s worth your time.

Don’t forget, Foam Rolling 101 with Brian is at 7:30pm Tuesday night.

We are excited to have Open gym going again on Sundays.  We are looking at opening the gym during the weekdays at set times.  We encourage you to use this time, but here’s some food for thought.

First, Open gym should be a time when you can hammer weakness and and work hard in a less structured environment.  That doesn’t mean it’s your chance to throw caution to the wind and do the wildest WOD some Canadian sadist from CompWOD could dream up.  For the record, I  love those psychos.  It’s not your chance to finally do 3 Hero WODs back to back.  I ask that you write what you do on the whiteboard at Open gym.  A Coach will be there, ask them if there is a recommended WOD.

Second, we will post times the gym is open.  Open gym will generally be 2 hour blocks.  In general, a decent workout takes 45 minutes to an hour – to warm up, work, and clean up after yourself.  If it’s shorter than that, you are probably cutting something off somewhere.  If you show up 90 minutes into the 2 hour session, you’re probably not going to get done what you had in your mind.  If your schedule doesn’t permit you to get in the required time to properly prepare your body, I suggest you take a rest day.  Please remember that coaches are volunteering their time to open the gym on a Sunday.  They are nice people, and I’m sure they will humor you as you try to get in a “quick Fran.”  But this is not 24 Hour Fitness – no quick 9:45pm, before the gym closes, bicep workouts before hitting the club to get your swole on.

My Super Bowl highlight!

Workout of the Day

60 Wallball Shots 20/14

50 Chest to Bar Pullups

40 Hand Release Pushups

30 Alternating Pistols

20 Burpees to 6″ touch target

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