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First nutrition post!

December 09, 2011

This will be CrossFit Oakdale’s first post on nutrition.  HOO-RAY!  Everyone’s favorite subject, abortion right?  No?


Like it or not, medical nutrition is perhaps the MOST important component of health and fitness.  If you read “What is Fitness”, and you’ll notice Nutrition makes up the foundation of our program.  Hang around someone that has been CrossFitting for a bit, and you’ll hear words like the Zone, blocks, Paleo, Primal, gluten free, insulin, organic, grass fed and more.  Google any of these words and you’ll get an idea of what our nutrition is like.


We’ll be talking about nutrition more as we grow.  I get questions about supplementation, and my answer is that we want to get the nutrients we need from the foods that we eat.  Perhaps the hardest thing for us to get in our diets in Omega 3 fatty acids.  A good Omega 3 fish oil or Cod liver oil supplement is the main supplement we recommend.  A diet with a high ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 and 9 provides benefits across the health spectrum.  Pursue this!  Look for products that are high is DHA and EPA (over 500mg in a teaspoon indicates high quality).  ALA, does not convert in the body as well, and that limits the effectiveness of Flax Seed Oil.  This almost entirely rules out any Omega 3 that comes in a pill form.


I was an Omega 3 pill popper for years (I would take well over 20 on a given day) to get the 5-6 grams of actual Omega 3 that I needed.  I converted to liquid fish oil over a year ago, and I’m glad I did.  First, for your fish haters, if you take a good liquid fish oil, it doesn’t taste fishy, and you don’t burp it.  The same cannot be said for fish oil pills.


Not all fish oils are created equal.  I have been buying fish oil at Sunflower’s on McHenry in Modesto recently (it’s a great store).  I was buying Barlean’s pharmaceutical grade fish oil.  It’s super high quality, it tastes great, and is just over 20 bucks with tax (I paid $20.61 yesterday).  I take just over a tablespoon a day now, and a bottle lasts about 3 weeks.  Someone dear to me (?) bought me a similar product (pictured below) and trust me, stick with Barlean’s.


Pick the one on the left.  Trust me…


Workout of the day


For time

21 Pullups

21 Situps

100 ft. walking lunge

18 Pullups

18 Situps

100 ft. walking lunge

15 Pullups

15 Situps

100 ft. walking lunge

12 Pullups

12 Situps

100 ft. walking lunge

9 Pullups

9 Situps

100 ft. walking lunge

6 Pullups

6 Situps

100 ft. walking lunge

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