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Finish Strong!

March 28, 2015

15.5, discount the final WOD of the 2015 CrossFit Games Open is upon us.  Come in on Saturday, dosage work very hard, viagra approved bring a dish, and we’ll have a pot luck lunch.  June was gracious enough to loan her rower, so we will be able to run 5 per heat.

We’ll do a warm up at 9am and start heats at 9:30.  There are a few good tips floating around the internet, but here is what I think.

– This is the first, and only WOD that is mainly lactic, meaning your pace will be dictated by the acid in your blood and not the endurance in your muscles.  I imagine this one might hurt a little bit 😉

– Because of this, since we are doing it in the morning, I would recommend eating a light breakfast.  Nothing too heavy, make sure you get some good carbs.

– Be hydrated, but not overly so.

– Stretch and warm up, but you will want to really open your lungs 5-10 minutes before you start.  I will have a good plan for this tomorrow, but you do not want the first time you feel out of breath to be after you transition to the thrusters.

– Wear weightlifting shoes if you have them.  This will help on both the row and thrusters.

– You do not need to strap in.  In fact, you probably shouldn’t.  We recommend a hard pull back, and a slow return to catch your breath, somewhere between 20-25 stokes per minute.  You won’t need the straps if you do this.

– For guys, the gold standard is 1 calorie per pull.  For girls, it seems to be 2 for 1, but every once and a while, you catch 1 for 1.  Just find your cal per hour pace, and be smart.

– I don’t know this yet, but I think the row is gonna fall off.  You may feel like you are surviving.

– Ah, thrusters.  I just watched some folks blow up on the set of 21 after strong sets of 27.  Unless you are a thruster beast, you may want to really have a plan for smart breaks.  Like 11-9-7.  Once you get off the rower for the set of 21 thrusters, it gets pretty hazy.  Choose the wrench. Be ready to chew through concrete.

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