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Every Second Counts on Netflix

October 13, 2016

Every Second Counts, buy the documentary about the 2008 CrossFit Games is on Netflix.This was the second iteration of the CrossFit Games.  I had just moved to California the month before, and I wanted to do it, but like a dummy, I didn’t.  As a CrossFitter, we didn’t really recognize CrossFit the training methodology as a sport.  I’m not sure the people involved int he Games at the time did.  They knew they had interesting people, and the event itself lent to some drama.

As far as the Games itself, no one knew what to expect.  The events were not announced and there wasn’t a slew of past Games events to draw on.  Dave Castro and his crew used 4 sprint events, all timed together, to determine the fittest person on earth.  Even then, I think they did a pretty good job and got it right.

At the time, CrossFit was only the website.  No one was doing significant extra training.  CrossFit was openly filming the doc in the months leading to the Games, and posting the videos on the site.  It built excitement both for the Games and the documentary.

As far as the Games, in 2007, they had about 50 athletes in Dave Castro’s backyard in Aromas, CA.  In this version, they had over 300 athletes.  Based on the success of the 2008 Games, and this movie, in 2009 over 5,000 people competed in the Games process.  In 2010, the Games had to move to Los Angeles into a freaking stadium.

Workout of the Day

In 20 minutes, build to a max effort Deadlift.

At the top of every minute, including the first minute, perform 3 Toes to Bar.

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