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Elizabeth and CFO Weekly Challenge #2

May 12, 2015

This weeks Benchmark “Girl” is “Elizabeth” – a 21-15-9 couplet of Cleans and Ring Dips.  To me, viagra sale Fran, Diane and Elizabeth are the true 21-15-9 tests.  Fran is a weightlifting pushing movement with a gymnastic pull, Elizabeth and Diane and weightlifting pulling movements with gymnastic pushes.

There was some argument in the old days (like, 2007) as to what constituted an RX Elizabeth – was the Clean a “Power” or “Squat.”  CrossFit put videos out on both and officially called the Clean to be caught in the Squat.  That has evolved over the years, because the Power Clean allows you to go faster – to do more work in less time.  So Power Elizabeth has replaced Squat Clean Elizabeth as the RX version – until we decide otherwise.  If we start seeing a lot of sub 3 Elizabeth’s (good luck there) we’ll make you squat the Clean.  For now, Power Clean will get you on the board at CFO as RX.

If you’re looking for a time to chase, Rich Froning there down a completely unbroken Power Elizabeth in the finals of the 2012 CrossFit Games in 2:33!

Now all the fast times in stadiums are cool, but I’m an old school guy.  Below is a video of Greg A doing Power Elizabeth in San Diego in 2007.  Try to beat his time.  Still pretty darn tough.

For each one of these Benchmark Girls, I will find an appropriate old school video to accompany it.  These videos set the standard for how CrossFit was performed and led to the evolution of the sport. 

CFO Weekly Challenge #2 – 30 Unbroken Thrusters 95/65.  You may rest in the front rack or overhead.  I guess you can rest in the bottom of a squat, but that is insane.   

Workout of the Day



Cleans 135/95

Ring Dips

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