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Eating, Milo and Death…by 10 Meters

July 22, 2014

Couple of additions to my nutrition plan

I was asked about what I do Post Workout – for years, medications I mix a can of coconut water and a scoop and a half of SFH protein.  By Zone standards, discount that’s a 3 block Protein/Carb  post WOD blast.  I’m not going to change that at all, treat it’s as integral to my program as chalking up.

Jen C recommended Cherries to the berry mix because of the low GI count.  Right on Jen.  Cherries will go in my berry mix.

With the Berry mix sitting at about 4 blocks a day, plus an apple (2 blocks), sweet potato (3 blocks), and rice (let’s call it 6 blocks), I’m sitting at about 15 blocks a day in carbs.  That’s slightly under my perception of 17, but like I said, a little less should return balance.  I don’t count the Post WOD shake into my block count – for now.

If I am staying strict and I want a beer, I’ll switch out the evening rice for a beer.  That means I need to mix in lots of veggies.  Meat, salad and a Racer 5.  Boom.

Alison has relayed a few questions about Milo, mostly in how long we plan to do it.  The answer is I’m not sure yet.  If you started right, it should just be starting to get heavy and more technically challenging.  I want to keep going, but I need to know when people start failing to finish the required work.  If you fail one week, hold the weight and try again next week.  I want to give Milo AT LEAST another 4 weeks.

Finally, I’ve never done today’s WOD – Death By 10 Meters – before.  It can be done inside or outside.  10 rounds seems doable, I think 12 and up might make you dizzy.  Good luck!

The CrossFit Games are this week!  Good luck to Jen and Nick, who are competing with NorCal CrossFit!

Workout of the Day



3 Power Clean OTM for 10 minutes

Add 5# to last weeks lift


“Death By 10 Meters”

With a continuously running clock, run 10m the first minutes (to cone), 20m the second minute (cone and back), 30m the third minute (cone, back, cone), etc until you are unable to complete the required work in the minute.

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