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Do you have standards?

November 14, 2012


Nick Z had the 3rd best score in the world in the OC Throwdown’s Qualifier #1!  He tied Neal Maddox and flat out beat a BUNCH of Games Athletes.


Show the man some love!


I went to the Outlaw camp a few weeks ago, discount and picked up a bunch of cool nuggets.  The camp had a heavy emphasis on Olympic weightlifting, mind but it was really about competitive CrossFit.  When I started reading Rudy’s blog, viagra it was because he was one of the guys breaking down strategy in WODs.


The other thing Rudy really emphasized was meeting ROM standards.  Rudy opined that you must strictly adhere to the highest possible ROM standard in your training so you can apply it in competition.  Rudy calls this “The Doomsday Principle.”  There are so many examples of this – from jumping into the rings on Muscle Ups, to only counting made double unders, to perfectly vertical kettle bell swings, to demanding that an athlete catch a clean or snatch in a squat.  Box jumps have as many possible standards as there are heights of boxes.  Ever done a comp where you have to have your entire foot on the box?  I have.  There are even more, those are just off the top of my head.


These are the standards that we teach at CFO, even though we’re not “ruthless.”  Usually, meeting the proper ROM will keep you safe and ensure a better workout.  Usually, a Coach will give you a reminder or a tip to meet ROM.  If you are getting constant reminders, you may have work to do.  And that’s OK.


If you are training for competitions – like the Fran-off – ensure you are training the proper standard.  Make sure your chin is over the bar on pullups and you are getting proper depth and extension on the thruster.


I’ll tell you a secret:  Especially in lead ins to big comps, I have people judge me, and “no rep” me, even if the movement is good.  This does several things.  It forces perfect movement, makes you adjust on the fly, and it should make you mentally tough.  In new athletes, the first inclination after a “No rep” is usually to stop and adjust.  I fight like hell to keep moving and moving correctly.  This is a mental battle you can fight and win.


Emmaline and I ran into the “Doomsday Principle” at the USAW meet on Sunday.  In weightlifting, “pressing out” the weight on the Snatch or the Jerk results in a No Lift. Instead of 1 judge, there are 3, and you’re basically naked on the platform, so you aren’t getting away with anything.


Emmaline gets a little “pressy” on her Jerk, and we knew this would be an issue at the meet, so we’ve spent the last 2 weeks really hammering proper Jerk technique.  Emm got called on 1 minor press out – 2 of 3 judges said good Lift, 1 said No, so NO LIFT.  That’s tough stuff, but Emm and I learned a lot.  We did DT yesterday, and on 30 Jerks, Emm didn’t press out 1.


Lou during CrossFit Walnut Creek’s Competition this weekend. No Pressing in sight!

Workout of the Day



High Bar Back Squat x 3

Build to a heavy triple in 20 minutes.




Buy In: 150 Double Unders

Then, in remaining time

7 Wallball Shots 20/14

5 Burpees


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