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Different kind of Cleaning

August 02, 2017

Best line in the video – “self correcting move”

So, this is a little different.  Instead of Deadlift, Clean, and Lunge with the barbell, we will used the bells – KB or DB.  I am loving these tools.  I feel like I suck at them – the barbell allows you to exert force and create powerful pushes or pulls. The bells seemingly have a mind of their own.  It’s akin to doing dips on the bar versus dips on the rings.

I have also noticed my lifts have gotten better and more consistent since we really began using the DB.

For today’s work, for both tools, the Deadlifts will be in the “suitcase carry” – hands at the sides.  For thew Cleans, with the DB, the weight will go from the floor in the suitcase carry.  I called these “cleans from the floor” in the Open, and it’s basically true.

If you are using the KB, you will work from the hang, but review the video.  The KB will go between your legs to get to position 1 or 2.  You don’t need to go to the ground.  

I would say the DB is “safer.”  You are less likely to smash a finger – I did this last week.  A good finger smash may end up looking like you left a hot dog in the microwave too long.

Workout of the Day


KB/DB Deadlift

KB/DB Clean

After each round, front rack the bells and lunge 25 feet

RX is Blue/Yellow or 50/35

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